Radiodiagnosis & Imaging

  • X Ray Machines (Fixed)

    A. HELLIOPHOS 500MA (Siemens)
    • All excretory urogram investigations like IVU, MCU,RGU,Cg, Cug etc.
    • Gastrointestinal tract studies like barium meal, barium swallow, barium follow through and barium enema
    B. PLEOPHOS D 300MA (Siemens)
    • Used for all kinds of radiodiagnostic investigationsi>
  • X Ray Machines (Mobile)

    Stationed at wards and ICU
  • C-Arm X Ray Machines

    Stationed at operation theatre and lithotripsy unit
  • Ultrasound Machine

    • VOLUTION 730 Colour Doppler machine (GE)
    • LOGIQ-F series Colour Doppler machine (GE)
  • CT Scan

    Brightspeed 16 slices CT scan attached with teleradiology (GE)

Note: All our X-ray machines and CT scan machine are certified and registered under Atomic Energy Regulation Board (AERB), Government of India, Mumbai, and monitored by designated Radiation Safety Officer (RSO).